Kona Coffee Belt Gives Kona Coffee Its Special Flavor?

Kona Coffee Belt is located in on the western side of Hawaii Island that enjoy rainy or cloudy afternoons, soft winds during the night and sunny mornings.
Kona Coffee Belt - Kona Coffee Reviewed

Kona Coffee Belt – Kona Coffee Reviewed

A Guide to the Kona Coffee Belt

It is also known by the name “Coffee Arabica”. The espresso is a little acidic, highly delicious in taste and medium bodied as well. The coffee has a spicy, complex and wine-like taste, and boasts of a heady aroma.

These factors are associated with the unique way of cultivating and processing this coffee variety. Find out what gives this coffee its special flavor.

Unique Cultivation

This coffee is grown on the slopes of the Kona coffee belt located on the western side of Hawaii Island that enjoy rainy or cloudy afternoons, soft winds during the night and sunny mornings. The weather conditions are made more effective and prominent for the coffee due to the rich and porous volcanic soils.

The espresso gets in effectiveness due to the slightly acidic soil. Due to the fluctuating climatic conditions all through the day, the flavor and taste of the coffee are more powerful. This particular coffee has been cultivated in the Kona coffee belt like this for more than 175 years and is in high demand across the globe.

Manual Inspection

The beans are manually and thoroughly inspected by Kona coffee belt farmers. They do not use any machines for picking the beans up. Only beans that are selectively ripened are chosen, avoiding over ripened and immature beans.

The addition of over ripened and immature beans to perfectly ripe beans can change the overall taste and efficacy. Naturally, the beans are picked up by farmers with a lot of care to ensure that the coffee tastes its best while being prepared.

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Kona Coffee Belt

Kona Coffee Belt

Fine processing

Farmers in the Kona Coffee Belt use a dedicated and delicate method of processing. The technique involves quite a few laborious steps. The Kona coffee cherry is pulped in order to get rid of the outer flesh.

The perfectly ripe beans, as chosen by farmers, are used for the process. Once the flesh is removed, it is fermented in order to provide the beans with a clear and bright flavor.

Only The Best Kona Coffee

When fermentation is over, the pulp is thoroughly washed in clean water. Finally, it is dried up naturally under the sun on large decks and is regularly raked for perfectly drying up.

Once it is dried up perfectly, the coffee is milled in machines in order to ensure removal of silver skin and parchment.

All these steps from the Kona Coffee Belt farmers ensure that you get the best cup of coffee from Kona in your hand in our Kona Coffee Shop.

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