How to Make Kona Coffee – 4 Powerful Methods of Brewing Kona Coffee

How to Make Kona Coffee: Kona Coffee is a coffee that is indigenous to Kona District in Hawaii. This type of espresso is loved across the world, and much of the success of the espresso lies in the hard work of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association.
How to make kona coffee

How to make kona coffee

How to Make Kona Coffee

There are various types of brewing methods for brewing coffee, and can also be used for brewing Kona coffee.

This are 4 easy ways on How to Make Kona Coffee:

The Espresso Way,  French Press,  Drip Filtration or Moka Pot/Stovetop.

The Espresso Way

Using a machine to make Espresso is one of the most famous ways of brewing Kona coffee. Very hot water in pressurized form is run through tightly packed and finely ground coffee.

This method ensures that the water remains in contact with grounded coffee long enough for drawing out plenty of the flavor from coffee grounds. Then, the water finds its way through grounded coffee. The richness of the crema is one of the first signs of an amazing espresso.

French Press Coffee

How to Make Kona Coffee by French Press. Also referred to as Plunger, French Press is one of the most basic methods of coffee brewing and used in many Kona coffee shop and cafes. It is possibly the most convenient technique of producing amazing coffee.

The French Press directly works by combing ground coffee with water that is close to boiling temperature. The flavors of coffee get extracted into the water. When the plunger or press is pressed in, the exhausted coffee grind is separated from the brew. This method of how to make kona coffee has a taste that is similar to that of the Drip Filtration style. You should use a coarse grind, as you will not like to have finely grounded coffee going out into the brew through the metal filter.

Drip Filtration Coffee

One of the most popular techniques on How to Make Kona Coffee is by drip filtration. The Drip Filtration machine sprays hot water across coffee grounds held within a filter shaped like a cone. Then, the hot water moves gradually through grounded coffee. After the water goes to the bottom of the filter, it drips into a small container under it. The conical filters are used most widely are made out of paper, whereas costly gold or stainless steel conical filters can also be found.

Moka Pot - How to Make Kona Coffee

Moka Pot – How to Make Kona Coffee

Moka Pot Coffee

This is the easiest by far way on How to Make Kona Coffee. Also referred to as a Stovetop coffee pot, the Moka Pot style happens to be a basic 3-piece pot. The pots are available in varied sizes, which include 2 or 4 or even 6-cup capacities.

The base has the water reservoir with the brewed coffee on the top and a coffee basket that lies in the middle. This technique on how to make Kona Coffee is very basic, and takes only about a few minutes.

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