How to Serve The Best Kona Coffee

Best Kona Coffee: Kona Coffee is loved across the globe for its amazing aroma and fantastic flavor. This type of coffee has elevated the standard of drinking espresso to newer heights.
How to Serve The Best Kona Coffee

How to Serve The Best Kona Coffee

How to Serve The Best Kona Coffee!

However, there is a proper way of serving up this type of espresso, which can easily improve the taste and overall experience of having this coffee. Find out some of the best ways you can serve up the best Kona coffee espresso.

Purchase fresh, good beans

Do not buy coffee beans in haste, as the experience of having good coffee starts with good beans. You should do some experimentation in order to find an authentic and roasted beans producer. Ensure that the coffee is kept fresh. It should not be over two weeks, and the beans have to be kept stored in a completely airtight container – just like they are sold in our store.

Grind the coffee beans on your own

Part of keeping your Kona espresso completely fresh is to do the grinding all on your own, prior to brewing the cup. Put your money in a quality grinder and you will be thankful to yourself for many mornings in future. Your aim is to offer a uniform and fine consistency.

Use clean equipment for best Kona coffee

Poor hygiene of equipment is one of the main reasons why the taste of coffee is ruined. You should keep your coffee making equipment properly clean, so that your coffee is of superior quality. It is important that you give a good wash to your grinder and storage containers after every 2 weeks, so that there is no buildup of oil.

Every month, you should run vinegar at least once through your coffee maker in order to remove any residues or taints. You should not forget to rinse the grinder properly afterwards. This is extremely essential.

Use clean water for best kona coffee taste

Use clean water for best kona coffee taste

Get your water right

Coffee enthusiasts feel that the taste of coffee is ruined by chlorinated water. Naturally, it is important that you should invest in a filter. Other than this, it is all about the water temperature.

The optimal temperature of water for brewing coffee is in the 91 – 96°C. Any temperature that is cooler than this will ruin the taste of your best Kona coffee.

Serve it up in style

Now that you have made amazing coffee, you should serve your brew in a worthy manner – similar to what is being offered in our Kona coffee shop. You have to serve the espresso in a stylish manner, so that the overall experience is improved.

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