Where To Buy Kona Coffee

These are the most popular places to buy 100% Kona coffee. When you buy here you are supporting small family farms in Hawaii who grow their coffee with care and aloha!

Kona Coffee Review reccomends you buy Kona coffee from Koa coffeeKoa Coffee

Our personal favorite, buy Kona coffee directly from a family owned coffee farm in Captain Cook. Koa Coffee uses a state of the art processing mill, and personally controls all aspects of their coffee production to ensure that only the highest quality coffee is produced. Learn more at their website KoaCoffee.com

The Koa Coffee plantation was started in 1997 as a family operated “Mom & Pop” coffee farm. They hand picked and processed all of their coffee, and their high quality beans and roast allowed the operation to grow each year.

The Koa Coffee plantation, all the way up at 2500 feet, is at a relatively high elevation compared to the rest of the Kona Coffee Belt. The higher amount of cloud cover and rainfall at this elevation makes the beans ripen and develop more slowly. They claim that this slower growing process results in a larger, higher grade bean.

Their milling and roasting is all done onsite which allows them to ensure high quality of production; they carefully manage all aspects of the process from picking to packaging. The result is an amazing blend of flavors, and is one of my favorites! In fact, the coffee has been praised by Forbes and the Pacific Coast Coffee Association as one of the “Top 10 coffees in the world” and “A truly outstanding coffee.”

 Here’s what people are saying about Koa Coffee:

I brewed my first cup and wow – what a great flavor. Thank you for a great coffee experience. .. Christie Love

We received our order today and we are delighted. The order was filled as requested and the promptness of fulfillment was great. The packaging of your coffee is beautiful. I commend you. ……Mike O

I decided, after an exasperating weekend of holiday shopping, that nothing says Merry Christmas as well as a pound or two of really good Koa Coffee!  ……P. Ellington

Our first pound tastes great! We heard about you and sampled your coffee at Kona Village Resort. This coffee is a great find!  ……Ken and Janice

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kona coffee review - blue horse kona coffee

Blue Horse

Another one of our favorites, Blue Horse Kona Coffee is hand picked on a family farm in Kona. They have a traditional, family estate that emphasizes doing things the old fashioned way. This means they use no herbicides or pesticides and store the coffee unmilled to protect the flavor and aroma.

The coffee cherry is picked only when plump and red, guaranteeing you get the sweetest, most pure Kona coffee possible.  Their coffee is also shade grown, which results in larger, sweeter beans.

Blue Horse also grows their coffee sustainably, and sun dries the beans in the warm Hawaiian sunshine.

Of course, they ship directly from their Kona farm, which means when you order Kona coffee from them you get the lowest price, freshest beans, and fastest shipping! They sell through Amazon here.

Blue Horse Reviews:

“…I’ve never written a product review before, but this is such amazingly good coffee I just had to say so. From the first sip I knew this was coffee like I had never tasted before.”  -Steve

Though pure 100% Kona is rare and difficult to find, this coffee is the real deal–a premier coffee which is among the costliest and most sought-after.”  -Mary

“With a little imagination you can actually taste the black soil of Hawaii and feel the Trade Winds in this coffee. There is no other way to describe the smooth, delicious flavor and aroma that seems simple but has the complexity of a good wine with several flavors one experiences during the beginning, middle and the wonderful finish. “  -L. Stauch